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Vegetable and Fruit Purififier

Vegetable and Fruit Purififier

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Purifying vegetables and fruits can help to remove harmful chemicals, pesticides, dirt, and bacteria from the surface of the produce. This can improve their overall safety and hygiene, reducing the risk of foodborne illness and other health problems. Additionally, purifying can also help to enhance the flavor and texture of the produce, making them more enjoyable to eat.


Looking for a food purifier that is both effective and safe? Look no further than our Vegetable Disinfection Machine! Using OH- purification technology, our machine quickly and effectively removes pesticide residues and kills bacteria, without harming your food. Our machine is also easy to carry and operate, making it the perfect choice for busy families on the go. Don't settle for less when it comes to your family's safety- choose our Vegetable Disinfection Machine!

 How to use

  1. Charge the purifier as per the manufacturer's instructions.

  2. Fill a basin or sink with water and place the vegetables in it.

  3. Turn on the purifier and place it into the water with the vegetables.

  4. Let the purifier run for the recommended time as per the manufacturer's instructions.

  5. Once the purification process is complete, remove the purifier from the water and turn it off.

  6. Drain the water and rinse the vegetables with clean water.

  7. Store the purifier in a dry place and recharge it when needed.

Note: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results.




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